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#FF9999 Captain Jayson Crosby link
#99CCFF Commander Jayd Emin link
#FFFFCC Lieutenant Commander Selik link
#FFCCFF Lieutenant Commander Amelia Hanson link
#FFCC99 Lieutenant Rish Kinn
#CCFFCC Commander Dorian Gilmore


2293 Khitomer Accords ends conflict between the Federation and the Klingons
2328 Cardassians occupy Bajor
2334/01 January 9th, Jayson Soto Crosby is born
2335 First contact between the Federation and the Cardassian Union
2336/02 February 3, Selik is born
2340/09 September 29, Jayd Taym is born
2344 Romulans attack Narendra III
2346 Romulans attack Khitomer
2347 Federation/Cardassian Border Wars begin
2351 Jayson Crosby enters Starfleet Academy
2352 Federation/Klingon Treaty of Alliance signed
2353 Federation/Tholian War begins
2355 Ensign Jayson Crosby graduates, and begins his first posting on the USS Chance
2357 Jayd Taym enters Starfleet Academy
2358 Lt Jayson Crosby becomes Security Chief of the USS Marlow
2359 Selik enters the Vulcan Science Academy
2360/06 Lt Cmd Jayson Crosby becomes Second Officer of the USS Marlow
2360/08 Federation/Tholian War ends
2361/04 Ensign Jayd Taym graduates, and begins her first posting on the USS Oracle
2361/09 Selik enters Starfleet Academy
2362 Cmd Jayson Crosby becomes First Officer of the USS Dianthus
2363 Lt Jayd Taym becomes a Joined Trill, and is now known as Jayd Emin
2365/04 Ensign Selik graduates, and begins his first posting on the USS Elias
2365/05 Lt Cmd Jayd Emin becomes Science Officer of the USS Berwick
2365/09 First contact with the Borg
2366 Federation/Cardassian Hostilities ends
2367/02 Battle of Wolf 359
2367/02 Cpt Jayson Crosby becomes Captain of the Exeter
2367/02 Cmd Jayd Emin becomes First Officer/Science Officer of the Exeter
2367/10 Klingon Civil War
2368/01 Lt Selik becomes Junior Operations Officer of the USS Elias
2368/03 Romulan invasion of Vulcan foiled
2369/03 Federation/Tholian Truce
2369/03 Cardassian Union withdraws from Bajor
2369/04 Wormhole to Gamma Quadrant discovered at DS9
2369/04 Lt Cmd Selik becomes Second Officer/Operations Officer of the USS Exeter
2369/05 Exeter Series begins

Series Timeline

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