Series Premise

Star Trek: Exeter follows the adventures of the crew of the USS Exeter, a Galaxy class starship serving on the fringes of the Alpha Quadrant. Like most of her contemporaries, she is tasked with exploration and discovery – seeking to add to the knowledge and diversity of the Federation.

The year is 2369 – in the middle of TNG Season 6. The Stardate is 46523.0.

Crew of the USS Exeter:
Captain Male Human Captain Jayson Crosby
First Officer/Science Officer Female Trill Commander Jayd Emin
Second Officer/Operations Manager Male Vulcan Lieutenant Commander Selik
Chief Engineer Female Human Lieutenant Commander Amelia Hanson
Security Officer/Tactical Officer Male Bajoran Lieutenant Rish Kinn
Chief Medical Officer Male Human Commander Dorian Gilmore

Currently unused:
| Flight Control Officer | Male Human | Commander Torl Tindd |

Series Premise

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