Risus Trek Rules Modifications

These changes here are made to give a more Star-Trekkie feel to a Risus game.

Inappropriate Cliches are unavailable. While there are elements of comedy in a Star Trek episode, it’s generally playing toward the dramatic. Of course, that doesn’t prevent you from using an unusual cliche in a dramatically appropriate manner – for example, using Art Historian (3) to deduce that Gongolian Idols are carved from dilthium, which should replace the broken crystal.

Losing your last die from Starfleet Officer or Starfleet Specialties during a contest does NOT end the contest if you have other, appropriate cliches remaining. This allows those who have very similar, but differently categorized cliches (from Backgrounds) to use them effectively. So having Natural Leader (1) is still useful to a character with Command (2).

This changes the example given during the Risus Trek Character example for the character with the cliches: Starfleet Officer (2), Security Officer (3), and Expert Shot (3). The Starfleet Officer and Security Officer skills remain treated as a single pool of 5, and the Expert Shot as a separate pool of 3, and the character can use either pool during the contest. However, when one pool is eliminated completely, the character can continue to use the other until it too is gone. Whether a given Background cliche is functionally equivalent to a given Starfleet cliche is up to the GM.

Risus Trek Rules Modifications

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