Lt Cmd Selik

Lean Vulcan male.


Starfleet Officer (2)
– Operations Officer (2)
– – Starship Systems Management (1)
– Command (1)
Born Spacer (2)
Natural Linguist (1)
Anthropologist (2)
Vulcan (1)

Total Dice: 12 (5 Background, 2 H&T, 2 SF basic, 3 Lt Commander)

Curious, Unusually calm, Uninhibited when asking questions on the cultures of others

Shipboard Function:
Second Officer / Operations Manager


Selik was born to parents Sarmak and T’peul on February 3rd, 2336. Both his parents were archeologists attached to the Vulcan Science Academy, and during Selik’s youth they participated in several off-world expeditions. During one excursion to Setlib IV, while taking a shuttle between site locations, the shuttle suffered a catastrophic engine failure within the planet’s atmosphere and crashed. At the age of 7, both of Selik’s parents were dead.

In accordance with tradition, Selik went to live with his closest relative, his uncle Sartam, Sarmak’s brother. Sartam was the captain of a successful passenger ferry, the SS Prudence, which traveled extensively throughout the Federation core worlds. Sartam and Selik became very close as he grew from a boy to a man, and Selik flourished on board the ship. He spent much of his time learning about the cultures of those who traveled aboard the ship, and did a few odd jobs for Sartam while still a boy. As he got older, he took on more responsibility – eventually becoming a full member of the crew. Selik operated aboard the ship with ease, almost as if he were born to it – starship operation came to him as naturally as breathing. However, he never lost his fascination with learning all he could about the passengers’ cultures.

That desire to learn about people and their civilizations eventually led Selik to apply to the Vulcan Science Academy to study linguistics and anthropology, and to honor his parents. He spent two years in study, before deciding that he preferred a more hands-on approach to learning about other races. Rather than continue his studies at the Science Academy, Selik decided to apply to Starfleet Academy. In addition to being exposed to countless cultures, he was anticipating returning to space.

During his first year in the Academy, Selik was assigned to room with a man named Archie Burton – a gregarious Irishman. Archie was the opposite of Selik in every way imaginable. Archie had a way with women, and had a large circle of friends. His tastes in decor was also ill-suited to Selik. Although the introverted Selik initially had difficulty relating to the extroverted Burton, eventually he came to view the pairing as fortuitous as it led to being exposed to a great deal of non-Vulcans. Archie provided a gateway to many other people that Selik needed, to move his experiences with other cultures into a more active role rather than an academic one. Over the course of the next four years, the two became inseparable, despite their vast differences.

After graduation, Ensign Selik was posted on the USS Elias, as a Junior Sensor Technician. The Elias was assigned to the Cardassian sector, and saw occasional action during the latter part of the Cardassian War. She also participated in the battle of Wolf 359 against the Borg, where she suffered moderate damage. After the battle, Selik was promoted to Lieutenant, and became the Elias’ Junior Operations Officer. He continued to serve with distinction aboard the ship in the tense post-war Cardassian sector, until he was once more promoted. Now a Lieutenant Commander, he has taken the role as the Senior Operations Manager and Second Officer aboard the USS Exeter.

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Lt Cmd Selik

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