Gul Ghalor

Dishonored Cardassian


Personal NPC of Cpt Jayson Soto Crosby.


During a raid on Delphi Secondus, Gul Ghalor and his counterpart Gul Eceri had nearly destroyed the USS Marlow. However, due to a trick by the commanding officer aboard, Ghalor accidentally destroyed Eceri’s ship, while Eceri disabled Ghalor’s. The resulting confusion allowed the Marlow to escape. As a result of that failure, Ghalor was discharged from service in dishonor and disgrace for falling for the trick. With no future in the Cardassian Military, Ghalor has sworn revenge. In the years since the event, he has tracked down who was commanding the Marlow at the time – Jayson Crosby – and now he seeks to get his revenge.

Gul Ghalor

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