Cmd Jayd Emin

Lithe and attractive Trill female, with long blond hair. Sharp nose and chin.


Starfleet Officer (2)
– Science Officer (2)
– - Astrophysics (1)
– - Spacial Anomalies (1)
– Command (1)
– - Negotiation (1)
Trill (2)
Piloting (1)
Persuasive (2)

Total Dice: 13 (5 Background, 2 H&T, 2 SF basic, 4 Commander)

Smart, Cultured, Eloquent, Single-minded, Very Competitive

The Trill cliche represents the shared knowledge of the previous hosts. While not directly granting all of the specific knowledge and skills possessed by the previous hosts, it does represent a basic level of understanding of the things they knew. It also represents a “worldliness” as the Trill possess many lifetimes of dealing with other cultures.

Shipboard Function:
First Officer / Science Officer


Jayd Emin (born Jayd Taym) to middle class parents on the southern tip of the Erchu peninsula on Trill. Her determination and sharp wit quickly earned her laurels at school, and she rose to the top of her class. Her goal was to apply and be accepted for Symbiont – a lofty goal, and one which few Trill achieve. Jayd excelled at science, however she believed that a more varied experience would provide her a greater chance at becoming Joined, so at 17 she applied to the Starfleet Academy.

Jayd graduated four years later, and received her first posting in the Astrophysics department aboard the USS Oracle, a survey ship assigned to fringe sectors of the Beta Quadrant bordering the Typhon Expanse. During a mission charting the Epsilon Gruis system, the Oracle struck a ribbon of protomatter expelled from the system’s star, severely damaging the ship. Jayd’s lab was one of the more heavily damaged areas. Findor Duan, the noted Bolian astrophysicist on board to study the system, was seriously wounded. Despite the area venting atmosphere and suffering a toxic coolant leak, Jayd managed to free him from a collapsed bulkhead and carry him to safety. As he recuperated in Sickbay, Jayd spend many hours with him, and they became close friends.

It was during one of their many talks that Jayd’s passion for wormholes and spacial anomalies was first kindled. Ever since, she has pursued any opportunity to study those events, and she continues to keep updated with the latest research and theories on the subject – including maintaining regular contact with Findor when possible.

In early 2363, Jayd’s application for Joining came under review. During the process, her Field Docent recommended postponing her application – which usually is never resumed. However, she requested the right to speak to the Symbiosis Commission, and during her presentation on her research into the appearance of naturally occurring wormholes her passion and persuasiveness carried her over the edge, and she was granted the right to become Joined. Two months later, she joined with the symbiont Emin, and became known as Jayd Emin.

Since her Joining, there have been small changes in her personality, as would be expected. The most significant change is an abiding and endless love of piloting. She especially loves to pilot shuttlecraft and smaller vehicles whenever she is able. This love served her well when she was promoted to Science Officer of the USS Berwick, as she had opportunity to lead detached exploratory missions as the Berwick performed sector surveys. The success of those independent missions paved the way for her eventual promotion to Commander and the posting as First Officer/Science Officer she now holds.

Series Timeline

Cmd Jayd Emin

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