Cpt Jayson Soto Crosby

Tall and rock-jawed Human male with short cropped brown hair.


Starfleet Officer (2)
– Security (1)
– - Starship Tactical (1)
– Command (2)
– - Starship Tactics (1)
Art (2)
Negotiation (2)
Well-Traveled (2)
Natural Leader (1)

Total Dice: 14 (5 Background, 2 H&T, 2 SF basic, 5 Captain)

Bold, Chivalrous, Appreciation of Finer Things, Impulsive, Headstrong. Age: 35.

Shipboard Function:


Born to art historian parents, Jayson grew up around museums and starships. His parents Nickolas and Janie met while working for the Rutean Museum on Mars, where his father was a curator, and his mother a researcher. After they married, they left the academic life in favor of a more exciting career as historical art recovery and authenticators. They would travel to museums, private collections, and archeological sites across the Federation as experts on historical art. Often the couple were called in to settle disputes over rightful possession, or track down missing artifacts. It was into this ever-shifting environment aboard a Grazerite freighter that Jayson was born.

As Jayson grew into a young man, his father took great delight in teaching him the ropes of their career, with the intention that one day he would take over the family business and continue the work they had begun. Jayson instantly had a knack for art and dealing with people, as if inherited biologically from his parents. As they traveled, Jayson experienced many cultures, and he was always eager to participate in local traditions whenever he could.

Life was good as the family hopped around the Federation, ever on one adventure or another. Jayson’s life was exciting and interesting, and he was taking an ever-greater role in the challenges they faced. Most were fairly routine, with the occasional exciting turn. It was during one of these exciting moments that Jayson’s life began to take an uncharted path.

The family had been called to Daraal IV near the Romulan Neutral Zone to ascertain the proper kingdom of a set of Kurlien Witch Stones. Hinging on decision lay the fate of the Acquisitions Major of the Daraalian Cultural Collective – who claimed the Stones to be of the Middle-Late period, while a second historian of note claimed they were of the much later Reformation era. After careful examination, the family planned to deliver their findings during a convention on the orbiting Galliter Station. As preparations for the ceremony were under way, the normally stodgy station became a scene of chaos and confusion as a small group of Romulan infiltrators were discovered and apprehended by the crew of the USS Marsouin.

The final confrontation occurred right in the ballroom as Jayson was doing some last-minute preparations. As the fleeing Romulans burst through a supposedly sealed door with Captain Sherwood Holloway in hot pursuit, Jayson quickly jumped into action. Just before the Romulans could make their way out the other side of the ballroom – and into the crowded market level – he toppled a decorative column into their path and grabbed a ceremonial sword from the display. Leaping up onto the column’s side, he bellowed a Klingon challenge! The confused Romulans hesitated just long enough for Captain Holloway and his men to catch up and secure the spies.

Captain Holloway credited Jayson with the capture, and spoke at length with him after the escapade. Although he had never considered another career option, seeing Starfleet in action gave him something new to consider. Holloway offered to sponsor Jayson for the Academy should he choose to join. Nickolas was furious upon learning that his son was considering entering Starfleet, feeling that it would be a waste of his talents. Jayson felt that although the work they were doing was important, he wanted to be making a difference on a larger scale. So against his father’s wishes, he left for Starfleet just after the convention.

Jayson excelled at the Academy, and upon graduation gained a posting on the USS Chance as a security officer. The Chance was ordered to the Tholian border, as the Federation was the embroiled in the third year of the Tholian War. Jayson participated in multiple actions, as the Chance was involved in several key battles. Three years later, as part of a promotion to Lieutenant for his actions aboard the Chance, Jayson became the Security Chief on the USS Marlow. He continued his participation in the Tholian war for a short time, before the Marlow was transferred to the Cardassian border to assist with the conflict there.

It was during one a Cardassian raid on Delphi Secondus that Jayson demonstrated his leadership potential. Suffering a surprise attack at the hands of two Cardassian warships while trying to evacuate a group of colonists, the Marlow was severely damaged almost instantly. The bridge had been hit, the Captain was gravely wounded, and the Second Officer killed. With the First Officer in the lower section attempting to expedite the evacuation, Jayson stepped in and took command. He used the surface of a tidal-locked moon to bounce a sensor reflection, creating the appearance that the Marlow had made a short warp jump to a location between the two warships. Both Cardassian ships fired at the sensor reflection, inadvertently striking each other! One ship was destroyed, the other damaged enough that the Marlow was able to complete the evacuation and escape. For his courage and bold thinking, Jayson was promoted once more and took the posting of Second Officer aboard the Marlow. (Unbeknownst to Jayson, the commander of the surviving Cardassian ship, Gul Ghalor, was discharged from service in dishonor and disgrace for falling for the trick and destroying the other warship. Ghalor has sworn to get revenge for the humiliation he has suffered.)

After serving two more years aboard the Marlow and participating in several more skirmishes along the Cardassian border, a position opened up for First Officer aboard the USS Dianthus. The captain of the Dianthus requested Jayson personally, and following a promotion to Commander, he proudly accepted. The Dianthus was assigned exploratory duty, and Jayson was excited to breaking new ground. He served with distinction aboard her, until she suffered catastrophic damage during the battle with the Borg at Wolf 359. Jayson, along with what remained of the crew, managed to escape via pods at the last moment before her hull failed. He was credited with saving the lives of many of his crew after the loss of his ship.

After the battle of Wolf 359, many new ships were brought online by the Starfleet shipyards. Promoted to Captain, Jayson was honored to receive command of the newly constructed Galaxy-Class starship the USS Exeter. He is now two years into his command, and after the Exeter completes a short refit at Starbase 23, he will lead her once more into uncharted sectors.

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Cpt Jayson Soto Crosby

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